3 Need To Know Tips On How To Declutter & Store Your Toys

Too Many Toys? Are you fed up with your floor being covered in toys?

Those days after Christmas and birthdays when you have piles of new toys around can drive you crazy (well it certainly does me!) There are so many different toys on the market now that it is so easy to accumulate too many toys & it can often hinder their ability to engage in play.

In my Free Playtime Guide with my 6 Foundations to a Happier & Stress-free Playtime I mention that environment plays a part in a successful playtime (you can claim your copy here if you haven’t already). Too much choice and a cluttered environment means your little one can easily get distracted and you may notice they can’t seem to engage in play for long.

However, by having a big sort out of your toys and getting your storage systems in place, you will soon notice they find it easier to play and for longer too. So here’s my 3 must know tips to declutter & store all of your toys so you don’t keep tripping over them and they encourage positive & engaged play.

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Remove any toys that are too young for them & that you have duplicates of. Give away to charity or list on the Facebook selling/gifted in kindness groups. If you have younger siblings that you think might enjoy the toys, be ruthless & only keep the expensive/hard to purchase toys – anything else can be replaces by family at birthdays & Christmas. 

Before trying to work out where to store your new toys, have a think about whether you can shuffle any of your older toys that you are keeping around, can any be moved into the bedroom, have a basket in the kitchen or place some of the seasonal toys in a playhouse or up in the loft. 

Also take a look at which toys have similar uses and don’t all need to be accessible at once. For example rotate all of your construction toys, there isn’t a need to have Duplo, Wooden Blocks and Mega Blocks all out at once so tuck some away and rotate after a few weeks.

Guaranteed Children always find a new interest in a toy when you sort it out, move it to a different location or they haven’t seen it for a while.  Having a change up of toys and location for play can be really refreshing and boost engagement.

When sorting out where to store all your toys, think about what your child plays with the most & make sure they have easy access to them. Try to have as much on view as possible so they can choose their own play – preferably use open shelving or shallow trays/boxes so it is easier to see what is in them. Some examples of good open shelving storage are below.

Not all toys will need to be on show/accessible all the time ( this is where toy rotation comes in) so those can be tucked away in a box or chest and rotated out at a later date. A great way to store toys that will be placed in boxes or a chest is in net drawstring bags, they are easy to see what’s in them and you can quickly swap them when doing your toy rotation. Laundry or Fruit & Veg net bags work really well.

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