5 Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained When Eating Out

Eating out with kids isn’t the relaxing treat that it used to be! 

Don’t get me wrong it is lovely to not have to cook but trying to get children to sit for long periods isn’t always easy & can sometimes feel a little stressful in a busy restaurant.

I have to say I do love it if the restaurant has an outdoor play area & they can run around & let off some steam before eating but for the places that don’t have that, I always have a go to selection of toys & activities to entertain the girls & wanted to share with you my favourites.

Here’s my top 5 activities to keep the kids entertained: when eating out:

I haven’t met a single child that doesn’t love stickers & honestly both my girls are obsessed with them. We have always loved the cut out stickers on a sheets as they are easy to peel off but recently I was shown this fantastic tip which is to peel off the background of the sticker sheets to make it easier for them to use any sticker sheet. My girls love of stickers is the reason I wanted to include them in Tot’s Playtime Box.

Most adults are content doodling & a lot of children do too, we always take some paper & pens with us (always Crayola – as they are washable) but recently Isla got given a set of LCD Writing Tablets for her birthday & these are amazing – I am mesmerized by them aswell as the girls. They are basically a fancy version of the magnetic sketchers

Sensory activities are always a winner to keep little ones occupied & playdough is a fairly low mess one too. I am a big fan of using Play Doh & love the new grab & go bags now available (I include these grab & go bags in the starter kits for Tot’s Playtime Box to use with the playdough pages in the activity booklet)

If you little one is into imaginative play then a set of mini figures to play with is fab, we have a variety of sets but our favourites are the mini Disney figures.

Taking an activity book or magazine with us is always a winner, we love the variety of activities that you can do whilst sitting at the table. Some of the activities in the magazines though weren’t always suitable though for toddlers & preschoolers so I now create my own activity booklet with colouring, puzzles, stickers, games & much more which I include in Tot’s Playtime Box.

These are my 5 favourite activities to keep the girls entertained when eating out & so much so that I have included them in Tot’s Playtime Box. My monthly activity subscription for preschoolers which is jam packed with activities to keep your little one entertained at home & out & about too.

What keeps your little one entertained when eating out?

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