5 Tips To Make Playtime Easier This Summer

Once you are a parent, summer isn’t as carefree as it used to be. Keeping little ones entertained when routine is out of the window, our toddler groups & classes have stopped & we are juggling everything else is challenging.

It’s great when we can go out for the day but for those days we are at home, having quick & simple play activities to do with the kids makes the day a lot less stressful & for a happier child. However, when we start searching for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram often the mum guilt hits looking at these extravagant set ups!

I have to admit Summer Holidays always used to fill me with dread when Leila as little, all classes stopped & playgroup closed but for the past few years I don’t dread it & actually look forward to the 6 weeks holiday & no routine!

So, here’s my 5 top tips to make playtime easier this summer:

  • Make a list of go to simple activities when you need inspiration.

My list of ideas has been a saviour for me on the days I don’t have the energy & headspace for playtime (Yes, I have those days too!). Having a list of go to activities & something that you can flick through to inspire your playtime is amazing & often gives us the boost we need. I know the holidays are fast approaching & you may not have your list yet so I have created a Free Play Cheat Sheet for you, so you can up still have lots of activities up your sleeve.

  • Jazz up your existing play with an extra 1 or 2 items

We don’t always need to keep thinking of new activities to entertain our little ones, they get just as much enjoyment, maybe even more when we extend their favourite activities/toys & add something different to jazz it up.

Here’s 3 ways we have jazzed up our play:

  1. Both my girls love to play with the horses so we added Weetabix as Hay Bales.
  2. Isla loves water play, she loves to fill jugs up & transfer water between jugs, bowls & cups. To extend this I add lemon slices to the water & she scooped the lemon & water into cups & jugs.
  3. Both girls love to have a bath, often have a daytime bath to pass the time – adding glow sticks in during the darker months is a big hit.

Note: the picnic blanket tuff tray mat is from Tiger Moon – *Disclosure: This is an affiliate link that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission from.  I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Keep it simple, use every day items

Children get just as much fun out of a box than they do a toy & our house if full of items that we can use for play. One item can have numerous play opportunities so we are going to delve into the potential of them. Cups, Cardboard Tube, Cereal & Dried Pasta are my go to’s.

Here’s 3 ways to play with a Whisk

  1. Bubble Whisking – Whisk up bubbles in a bowl of water with soap added
  2. Pom Pom Whisk – fill the whisk with pom poms (or cotton wool) & pull them out
  3. Whisk Painting – Dip you whisk into paint then roll it or dab it on your paper to make patterns.

  • Have some prepared ready to go activities

Let’s face it no matter how many good intentions we have to set up play, sometime life gets in the way & having some ready to go activities to pull out of the cupboard can be a sanity saver plus it brings a little excitement to your little one’s day & they are more likely to engage with it. There are some amazing subscription boxes & activity packs for kids now & my Tot’s Playtime Boxes are perfect to keep your little ones entertained with a variety of activities to enjoy straight out of the box.

Space Themed – Tot’s Playtime Box
  • Finally let them get bored & find their own fun

We often feel the need to constantly entertain our children but it’s really important for them to make their own fun. When they get bored, it’s a great opportunity for them to develop their problem-solving skills, independent & also learn about their preference with play. So don’t feel guilt leaving them to it, it’s great for their development.

So, there’s my 5 tips for an easier playtime this summer & if you need some inspiration for activities don’t forget to check out my Free Play Cheat Sheet & Tot’s Playtime Boxes.

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