5 Messy Play Activities With Food (Taste Safe)

The possibilities are endless for what you can use for messy play & in general most of the messy play activities can be set up quickly with things around the house. Food is amazing for recipe play, either exploring it as it is or mixing it to create a messy fun recipe. What’s even better is that using food means that it is taste safe & you can enjoy the messy play with your baby (6+ months).

5 Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained When Eating Out

Eating out with kids isn’t the relaxing treat that it used to be!

Don’t get me wrong it is lovely to not have to cook but trying to get children to sit for long periods isn’t always easy & can sometimes feel a little stressful in a busy restaurant.

Here’s my top 5 activities to keep the kids entertained: when eating out:

Tips For a Smoother Toddler Bedtime

Its 5’Oclock and you look longingly at the clock. ‘Is it bedtime yet!?’
Then when it comes around it’s either like WW3 or you feel like you’re toddler would give ‘Deal or No Deal’s’ banker a run for their money. Would you believe me if I told you that it could be simpler?

Laura Thompson from Sleepy Sweet Pea has some top tips for you to help your bedtimes run more smoothly!

No Prep Play – Garden Soup

Here’s a no prep activity your child can enjoy at home. Spring is on the way & it’s so lovely to spend more time outside so a perfect activity is to have fun gathering ingredients to make a garden Soup. It encourages your toddler to release some energy, be mindful & creative whilst exploring nature. Bucket/Tub […]

Energy Busting Play For Toddlers

It is important that your little one gets 3 hours of physical activity every day to encourage healthy growth & development.

3 hours seems like a long time but it isn’t all high impact exercise, in fact all you need to do is allow your little one to keep active & on the move through play during the day.

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