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No Prep Play – Garden Soup

Here’s a no prep activity your child can enjoy at home. Spring is on the way & it’s so lovely to spend more time outside so a perfect activity is to have fun gathering ingredients to make a garden Soup. It encourages your toddler to release some energy, be mindful & creative whilst exploring nature. Bucket/Tub […]

Energy Busting Play For Toddlers

It is important that your little one gets 3 hours of physical activity every day to encourage healthy growth & development.

3 hours seems like a long time but it isn’t all high impact exercise, in fact all you need to do is allow your little one to keep active & on the move through play during the day.

Rainy Day Activities At Home For All Ages

Rainy days – we are used to them here in England but it doesn’t mean we enjoy the prospect of being stuck in the house with the kids bouncing off the walls & whinging they are bored!

However, there are some great activities which are quick & easy to set up which we can pull out, on any unexpected Rainy Day & they are perfect for all ages too.

5 Autumn Themed Nature Activities for Toddlers

My Top 5 Autumn Themed Nature Activities For Toddlers.

One of the best ways for toddlers to learn is by giving them opportunities to explore the world around us, they are naturally curious so exposing them to the nature around us has such amazing benefits. In particular with Autumn themed nature they are learning about different colours & textures & how the world changes.

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