Energy Busting Play For Toddlers

3 Ways To Get Toddlers Moving

Why Is It Important?

It is important that your little one gets 3 hours of physical activity every day to encourage healthy growth & development. 

3 hours seems like a long time but it isn’t all high impact exercise, in fact all you need to do is allow your little one to keep active & on the move through play during the day.

Just a few of the benefits of getting you little ones moving are:

  • Strengthening muscles & bones
  • Improving posture & stamina
  • Developing balance, flexibility & co-ordination
  • Improving Sleep
  • Promoting relaxation & stress relief
  • Developing Gross Motor Skills
  • Learn about their bodies & the affects of their movement & actions.
  • Improving listening, concentration & thinking skills
  • Encouraging self-care & healthy lifestyle routines

How To Engage Them in Active Play?

As a parent I know it can be difficult to find the time to prep play ideas, but there are so many which are quick to set up & most of the resources you need can be found at home.

Focusing on easy and fun activities rather than high prep ones will make it a lot easier & more enjoyable for you too.

However you encourage your little one to be active, the most important thing is that it is fun, this way they will enjoy being active & it will naturally get them on the move.

Aside from providing fun activities it is also really important that you are a positive role model & also join in with the play – lead by example & your little one will follow. It is also a great way to bond & build on your relationship with them, they love to see you being happy, silly & laughing.

Sometimes you will find that if you try to directly encourage them to join in an activity they will rebel, so if this is the case be subtle &  start with you doing the activity – most of the time they will then come & join you.

So to get them on the move, I have 3 simple ways plus an activity idea for each one to help you.

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How many times have you said to someone “my child loves music”? I certainly hear this phrase a lot and let’s face it you probably love it just as much!

Without realising it, music encourages physical activity, by moving and dancing it helps strengthen muscles and reduces muscle tension.

Following action songs is great to get your little one moving & to improve their listening skills but you can also just dance!

You can also add in musical instruments (we love Halilt) and dance scarves to add to the excitement too.

Activity Idea – Flick Dance

The idea is that you flick between different genres of music on the radio or an online music provider.

Listen to the music, beat & tempo then change your style of dancing to fit how it makes you feel.

This is perfect for all ages and creates lots of giggles with the different dance moves!

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A getting outside is always a great way to release some energy and fresh air always does wonders for the soul. Your little one will be more active without realising it & there are so many types of activities you can do outside wether it is kicking & throwing balls, digging or climbing the slide.

You can also do lots of walking too, either around the garden or go further a field but I kow it isn’t always easy to get out for a walk without them whinging.

However there are lots of ways to make walks fun & providing you have the correct clothing you can go for a walk in the sunshine, wind, rain & snow!

Activity Idea – Scavenger Hunt

Turn your walk into a challenge – go on a scavenger hunt. You can make a list of items to search for whilst on your walk & either tick them off, take a photo or collect them in a bag or bucket.

A few ideas are:

  • Leaf
  • Flower
  • Feather
  • Stick
  • Grass
  • Stone

This is perfect for all ages and creates lots of giggles with the different dance moves!

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You can enjoy a free printable scavenger hunt here.

Making a game with items is a great activity, not only to keep active but they can be used as other learning opportunities too such as counting & taking turns.

Simple games like Hide & Seek & Chase like being a Tickle Monster are favourites but you can also use toys & household items to make your own games – Balls & Balloons are always great to make up games with.

Activity Idea – Basket Ball

Throw light balls, teddies or bean bags into a laundry basket, different levels to make it easier or harder. Eventually extend play saying throw the green ball.

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Where To Find Activities?

It is so easy to find inspiration for physical activity ideas online now.

Pinterest is a fantastic search tool & lots of ideas get posted on instagram too, plus I have a Free Facebook Group full of activity ideas.

I love to see what you get up to at home, if you enjoy It’s Playtime Tots activities please feel free to join my supportive community on Facebook & share your photo’s & ideas with other mummies.

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