How to encourage your child to try new different activities

“My child will only play with one toy or activity!”

I hear this regularly in my group & with my clients, so what is the one thing your child is obsessed with playing with? They all have a favourite something which is their go to whether is a tv programme, book, toy or food & it can be hard to get them to try something different.

It is completely natural & you will find they will go through phases of favourite things before moving on to something else, sometimes that will be after a few days & other times it may be a few months.

Of course, its fine to let them enjoy their favourite thing but it is still important to explore different activities to encourage their learning & development & introduce them to other things they may enjoy but I do understand it isn’t always easy to get them to play ball so here are my 4 Top Tips to encourage them to try new activities.

Take The Pressure Off

It may seem a little backwards but actually children respond better when they feel under less pressure. If they feel it is their choice they are more likely to engage.

Combine Their Interests

Take what they really love to play & see if you can include it into another type of activity that they aren’t quite so keen on. For example: they love cars but not so much painting. Enjoy some wheel art & push the cars through a tray of paint then along a large piece of paper to make patterns.

Wheel Art - Painting with cars
Wheel Art

Give Them Choices

children don’t have loads of control over their lives & playtime should be a time they are in charge so give them some choices of what they could play. They are more likely to engage in something they have chosen & something visual works really well. You could have some photo’s of activities on a Pinterest board that they can scroll through.

Get Them Excited

When trying to offer something new, get your little one excited about it. Get them involved by going to the shop to buy the resources you need or tell them a story about it. Another great way is to purchase and activity to be delivered to their door and subscription boxes are great for this. Tot's Playtime Box is a monthly themed educational activity box and includes a variety of new activities to enjoy and get your little one excited about trying something new.

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