How To Manage The Kids Excitement And Overwhelm This Christmas!

Christmas is a time we are out and about enjoying all of the Christmas events on offer, taking the kids to meet Santa and spending time visiting family and friends which inevitably means lots of over excited, tired children and stressed-out parents!

With the busy days, late nights plus the excitement of Santa, it’s only natural that our children’s emotions are running high and their behaviour isn’t as ‘good’ as normal. However, don’t spend the Christmas holidays dreading the day ahead and wondering how long until bedtime, I have 5 top tips to ease the Christmas overwhelm & meltdowns over the festive period.

Only have a small selection of their new toys to choose from at one time, they may get overwhelmed and struggle to know what to play and therefore not play with anything. Don’t feel the need to unbox all the new toys at once, keep some back to get out at a later date.

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Make sure you spend time quality time talking and listening to what they have to say, it may seem insignificant to you when they tell you their new toy is green and makes a noise but giving them quality attention will help regulate their emotions. It could be a simple activity like reading a book together, playing silly games like peek-a-boo or chase or just having a chat.

Release some of that pent up energy, it’s exciting at Christmas with all the presents and new toys, if they don’t get the chance to release that energy then they will find it harder to settle down and play. So go for a walk, ride a bike or pop to the park for a little bit to get a much needed dose of fresh air. 

If the weather isn’t great but you need some energy releasing play , check out my blog – Energy Busting Play for Toddlers.

Being excited is draining so make sure they have time to relax and recharge in the day, snuggle on the sofa and watch a movie, read a book or have a nap. After all it is Christmas and routine is often out of the window!

Don’t just play with the new toys, mix it up with simple activities. There can be a lot of expectation at Christmas to play with the new toys they have just received but it can be a little overwhelming and overstimulating so mix it up and play with the empty boxes, decorate some plain biscuits with icing and sprinkles or enjoy water play in the bath as well as enjoying some of their well loved toys.

There’s my 5 tips to help easy overwhelm this Christmas but remember they are little and can’t always control their emotions especially when excited and tired so the occasional meltdown is still acceptable. If you do need help with dealing with your toddlers tantrums though, pop over to my blog – How Can I Help My Child’s Tantrums.

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