Is Your Toddler Ready To Potty Train?

Potty training can often lead to lots of apprehension for parents, toddlers don’t always like to listen & follow instructions so potty training can seem like a big task, however with the right tools & some preparation it can less stressful than you expect.

Before starting, it is important that your child is ready, if you try too soon it will be stressful for you & your child plus likely to be unsuccessful too.

There are the 5 signs that they are ready, & to see if they are showing these signs ask yourself these 5 questions:

When they are only showing 2-3 signs, you can start preparing them for the training phase by encouraging the following foundations but hold off on the training phase until fully ready. If they are showing all the signs that they are ready, still make sure you do the preparation of the foundations below for a smoother transition.

If you would love or need more support on the next steps of Potty Training for a smooth, stress-free transition from nappies, check out my Mastering Potty Training Guide.

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