Rainy Day Activities At Home For All Ages

"It's Raining, It's Pouring!"

Rainy days – we are used to them here in England but it doesn’t mean we enjoy the prospect of being stuck in the house with the kids bouncing off the walls & whinging they are bored!

However, there are some great activities which are quick & easy to set up which we can pull out on any unexpected Rainy Days & they are perfect for all ages too.

Here are my top 10 activities to enjoy at home with children of all ages, so perfect to keep siblings entertained.

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Go for a walk & have fun splashing around in the puddles.

You Can:

  • Jump & make big splashes
  • See if you can walk through gently or tiptoe without making any splashes
  • Run really fast through them
  • Kick the water out of the puddles
Who doesn’t love hiding in a den! Older ones can help problem solve to build a den which stays up, then pop some toys inside & then all ages love to play & hide inside. We use different items around the house to make dens, from pop up tents to pegs and sheets attached to furniture. Children have short attention spans so can easily get bored being in the same environment, change it up & let them play in different rooms of the house, get outside or make them a little den.

Throw a dance party – a glowstick/flashy lights disco, a fancy dress party or a birthday party with musical games.

Our favourite is a disco dance party with our disco ball light and flashing light sticks.


Using a laundry basket or box, weave string/twine around the top to make a net – make sure some of the holes are bigger than others.

Then fill the basket or box with teddies or other toys & encourage your little one to pull them out to rescue them.

For smaller ones use a basket & teddies with larger holes but for older ones make it more challenging by using a box with smaller holes & cars or mini figures.

Toy Rescue

Bounce them, squish them, play balloon tennis, sort the colours, keep them off the ground, the possibilities are endless.

A great activity to encourage babies to get on the move too by chasing the balloons around the room.

We all know how to play hide & seek but instead of the traditional way find a few toys or objects you can hide around the room or house. You can take it in turns to hide them just like you would with normal hide & seek then go & hunt for them.

For tiny ones, choose 1 item & make it super easy to find under a blanket or muslin (poking out a little) & for older ones make it harder by giving them a time limit.

I always have a pack of rich tea/digestive biscuits along with some icing sugar & sprinkles in the cupboard. 

Either make up a plain white icing using the icing sugar & water or add food colouring to make different colours. Decorate using sprinkles, marshmallows, sweets, grated chocolate & anything else you can think of. Great fun to decorate & then eat. 

Once weaned, babies can explore the icing & it’s all edible too.

Next time you have a delivery & it comes in a large box, keep it & turn it into an adventure box for your little one or you can use a laundry basket. A few ideas are:

  • A Pirate Ship
  • A Race Car
  • An Aeroplane
  • A Tractor
  • Jack In The Box
  • Tunnel
  • Den/Playhouse
  • A Time Machine

For tiny ones, fill the box with cushions & some toys for a little play area for them.

Baby Play (14)

Either in the bath or a large tub of water, fill with the coloured plastic balls & use a large spoon or ladle to scoop & collect them up, you could then drop them into smaller tubs or bowls.

For tiny ones, let them scoop them up with their hands.

Scarves can be used in so many ways for play – a few ideas are:

  • Peek A Boo
  • Tug Of War
  • Role Play – Butterfly Wings, Super Hereos or Magic Tricks
  • Dancing with Scarves- my favourites songs are: Down In The Jungle & Under The Sea
For us the more the scarves the better and we love this 32pk from Twiddlers.

So next time we have a rainy day rather than wish the day away with grumpy kids, have fun with one of these activities.

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