Mini Masterclass – Handling Big Emotions & Tantrums

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Are you struggling with your little ones tantrums & emotions?
Would you like to know how best to support them & the techniques to help you deal with their tantrums & emotions?

This Video Masterclass giving you all the tools & knowledge on how to support your child’s big emotions & tantrums.

You will learn:

  • Why they struggle with their emotions which can result in a tantrum
  • How to help your child to understand their emotions.
  • Techniques to encourage your child to express themselves without resorting to tantrums
  • Ways to support & comfort your child when they are struggling
  • Ways to be proactive to reduce tantrums rather than being reactive
  • Examples of play & activities you can offer to support their emotional development.

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2 reviews for Mini Masterclass – Handling Big Emotions & Tantrums

  1. Jules

    I subscribed to the course as big emotions and tantrums with my 2 year old were becoming tricky to say the least. The biggest thing I got from the session was…one size and one approach does not fit all the time…even on the same child. I’d tied myself in literal knots and got quite upset that I wasn’t being consistent but having listened to the class it gave me reassurance that adapting to what my child needs at each outburst, whether it be comfort or distraction or something else…was fine. The tantrums do continue but definitely not like they were or maybe I’m just calmer and better informed…whatever, I’ll take it!! As a side note, Karen is the loveliest person

  2. Kelly

    I found this course very helpful for my 3 year old, although I do wish I’d done it a year ago! Karen breaks it down into very easy to understand segments which helped me to grasp not just why children have big feelings/outburst but how as a parent we can help them to work through those feelings, and our own. It was really reassuring to hear I was on the right track and give me extra ideas of coping strategies for my daughter and myself. Karen has checked in with me afterwards and made additional suggestions for play activities giving great support. I’d definitely recommend to all parents.

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