Taming Tantrums – Toddler Toolkit


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Are you struggling with your toddlers tantrums? Are you fed up of the daily battles & meltdowns with your child?

Would you love to feel more in control, enjoy calmer days together?

My Guide to Taming Tantrums, is exactly what you need!

In this guide I am sharing my 3 foundations to put into practice to reduce the battles & the tantrums, I have combined my knowledge in Early Years & my experience as a mummy to bring you practical ways to help – which is exactly how I helped my daughter overcome her meltdowns & tantrums.

You will learn:

  • The 5 simple but the most important things to do daily to take charge & prevent tantrums
  • The warning signs your little one is struggling before a tantrum hits!
  • 3 ways to comfort & support your child when their big emotions get too much.
  • Simple ways to keep your own emotions in check when a situation is escalating
  • How to tell the difference between a Tantrum & a Meltdown & my step by step guide on what to do when arises.
  • The reasons why children have tantrums.
  • My 6 tips to help your child understand & manage their feelings
  • Plus quick & simple activity ideas to help your child’s mood & release their feelings.


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