Stop Comparing Your Child’s Development

Don’t compare your child to others!

I have had numerous conversations about comparing children’s development and whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 3rd baby it is so easy to do it. Comparing with what others that age are doing, worrying if they should be able to roll, walk or count by now but we need to stop and remind ourselves that every child is different.

There’s no comparison to the sun & the moon, they shine when it’s their time!

As a professional child-carer I have looked after numerous children and every single one develops at their own rate and in their own time. I have seen a 3 month old roll, 9 month old walk, a 12 month old with no teeth, an 18 month old who doesn’t walk & only bum shuffles, a 2 year old who doesn’t talk and a 3 year old struggling to potty train but all developed to the next stage just some quicker than others.

Now when I had my 1st I seemed to take this on board so much more but I still found myself worrying. Leila was baby-led weaned and no matter how much I tried she would not use a spoon and preferred her fingers. Every meal time I would spend ages encouraging her to use a spoon to no avail and eventually gave up and just left her to eat but always with a spoon in her bowl, eventually she started using a spoon and soon got the hand of it. There has been so many other times that she has just naturally conquered the next development stage like potty training from me allowing her to explore a potty and removing the pressure.

I do find with my 2nd I am constantly comparing her development to when Leila was that age and it then doesn’t help that we have health professionals using average development checks regularly adding a little more pressure but I am trying to remind myself not to.

So here’s my advice, be aware of what the next stage of development is for your little one and provide fun activities to encourage their new skills but let them explore it through play. There are some fantastic websites to give you ideas – including It’s Playtime Tots Blog and Pinterest is also fab too.

And if at anytime you are at all worried call to speak to your local health visitor or take a look at the NHS website.

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