Toddler Trouble – Tales Of Parenting

Tales Of Parenting

Let’s face it as a parent we all have those stories about our kids that get told time & time again, they entertain us & by hearing other’s stories we feel less alone in our parenting journey. 

So over the next few months I am going to be sharing a series of stories from myself & friends to help us through these challenging times.

First up is my tale – all about toddler trouble!

1 minute unattended is like 10 minutes to a toddler, how do they achieve so much destruction in such little time?!

Even though I am an Early Years practitioner with over 15 years’ experience and have looked after 100’s of children, nothing prepared me as a mum for the destruction a toddler can do in a few unattended minutes!

Of course, it is impossible for us to have eyes on them 24/7, so these little mishaps are bound to happen but the dread you have when you realise your toddler is very quiet and unattended is definitely for good reason as you never know what you will find when you go back to check on them.

Over the past 5 years I have walked back into countless scenes of chaos from my 2 girls’ actions. Sometimes it isn’t too bad, like completely emptying a new pack of baby wipes everywhere or quite funny like when my oldest Leila unwrapped numerous sanitary towels sticking them on the windows, her dolls heads and even one between her legs (this still makes me smile when I think about it).

But other times were a lot worse and resulted in a major mess taking way too long to clear up for my liking. Between the two of them they have caused some trouble, Leila (5) tends to be more mischievous and messier but Isla (1) is just destructive and it is her mission to cause damage! Both of them have gone through a stage of drawing on the walls and I am quite glad we haven’t fully renovated our house yet as hopefully when it is finished, I won’t have to worry about whiteboard marker covering the walls, carpet, curtains and door (this was Leila at 4 years old and the marks are still there on the wall as
they are impossible to remove)

For Leila the most common occurrence is for her to cover herself in pen/paint or glitter, I think the most memorable time was after a session of painting in the garden one summer she was covered head to toe in blue paint and looked like a Smurf! I had to stand her in a bucket and hose her down before even allowing her to go through the house to have a bath – she was tinged blue for days!

Leila also has a thing for lots of little items which get everywhere, the messiest was when she decided she was going to empty a whole box of craft feathers on my bed to have in her own words “a dance party”, by the time I had discovered what she was doing the feathers had been jumped on and thrown everywhere around my bedroom and I was still finding them days after we had tidied them up.

But out of everything Leila has done the all-time worst messy incident is when she managed to open the tub of vapour rub and smother it in her hair. The moment I walked back into her room the smell hit me and I could hardly get near her without my eyes watering so I have no idea how she could cope with the fumes! Her whole head was covered, and that stuff is so sticky that 3 hair washes later and it still hadn’t come out. In the end I had to resort to covering her head with baby powder in the hope that it soaked it up, she walked around with white powdery hair for a couple of days, but it did the trick!

Now I mentioned that Isla is different to her older sister and is more destructive, bearing in mind she is only 1 the number of things she has already destroyed is an ever-growing list, in particular the tv unit and the blinds being the worst. She is also obsessed with switches so our house is either cold because she has turned our heating off or super-hot as she has set the thermometer to 30 degrees. Plus, she will switch the Wi-Fi off whilst one of us is on a Zoom call – this has happened a few times a week throughout lockdown, we have now invested in switch covers which helps with this.

You may be thinking how does she access these surely, they are too high for her to reach, but she is a climber so always finds a way!

Finally, for Isla we have to be careful she doesn’t get hold of our phones as she managed to call 999 and once I cancelled the call I had a call from the police checking I was ok – oops! Luckily, they were ok about it and realised it was an accident but I don’t want it to happen again.

Now you could read this and be thinking woah she is an awful mother but let’s face it we have all had moments like this.  I take comfort in the fact that every toddler is the same and whether they like to admit it or not everyone has had 1 or many moments like me, I like to portray the real version of parenthood and hopefully make you feel not so alone on your journey.

One final note, although it is frustrating and messy, toddlers are curious and inquisitive and in these moments they are exploring their own personality, emotions and skills which will help them grow into happy adults, (well this is what I tell myself anyway!).

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my life and watch out for more Tales of Parenting from some lovely friends of mine.

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Karen xx

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