Tot’s Playtime Box

Themed ‘Learn Through Play’ Activity Boxes

Entertain your little one & encourage their learning through play with fun activities to enjoy together straight out of the box!

Do you want to make preschool learning fun?

Supercharge your little one’s learning with a variety of fun and engaging activities with Tot’s Playtime Box – the Preschool ‘learn through play’ activity box.

Each box includes:

4 x fun-filled activities with everything you need to enjoy them straight out of the box & boost your little ones learning.

Get Crafty

Get Crafty

Enjoy getting creative with an arts and crafts activity
Explore Your Senses

Explore Your Senses

Enjoy getting messy with a messy sensory play activity
Challenge Time

Challenge Time

Take on a challenge and enjoy a skill boosting game
Discover & Do (1)

Discover & Do

Enjoy a themed activity booklet & stickers jam packed with puzzles, colouring & more!

Plus ...

Talking Tips are included with all activities to prompt parents to boost learning even more through play, grow their vocabulary & general knowledge whilst encouraging conversation.

Contents worth over £25 when buying all activities individually

December's Box is Winter Wonderland

Enjoy exploring all winter weather, clothes & animals!

What’s in the box?

⭐️Make Your Own Snowflake Wand
⭐️Snow Fun Messy Play
⭐️Dress Me For Winter Game
⭐️Activity Booklet
⭐️Felt Tip Pens

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For just £10.85 Per Month with FREE UK Shipping!

We love receiving our monthly playtime box. Emily gets so excited when she sees that it has arrived. It makes playtime easy with so many different ideas. I love how each activity is linked to a developmental area so I know that not only is Emily having lots of fun she is also learning too. Thanks, Lisa x


Tot's Playtime Box Boosts Learning By ...........


Growing General Knowledge


Promoting Fine Motor & Pre-writing Skills


Increasing Listening Skills, Speech & Vocabulary


Building Math Skills - Number & Pattern Recognition, Counting & Shapes


Supporting Letter Recognition & Pre-lteracy Skills


Encouraging Cognitive Development with Puzzle & Problem Solving

We have recently signed up to the Playtime Tots subscription box. I have twins who are three and I loved that it has a sibling add on feature which saves me having to buy two boxes. They absolutely loved it and the activities really kept them occupied and were perfect for their age. We have chosen to do the activities over a few weeks which has also been great as plenty to do. The quality is really good, great customer service and would highly recommend. Also easy as the set up time is quick and with toddlers that’s a must!


How Does The Monthly Subscription Work?

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Subscribe to Tot's Playtime Box to receive a new themed box every month for £10.85 per month (includes Free Shipping)


Receive Tot's Playtime Box addressed to your child through your letterbox.
Boxes are shipped on 8th of the month.


Enjoy your themed activity box with a craft, messy play, stickers, playdough pages, colouring, puzzles, a recipe & so much more.


Your subscription will automatically renew on 1st of each month until you cancel (Minimum Term is 2 payments then you can cancel anytime)

Need extra activities for siblings in your Tot’s Playtime Box?

With your add-on you will receive:

  •  1 x extra Craft activity to enjoy straight out of the box.
  • 1 x extra It’s Playtime Tots unique Activity Booklet jam packed with games, play dough pages, colouring & much more.
  • 2 x extra awesome Sticker sheets (because I know every one loves their stickers!)
  • 1 x extra pack of crayons

The above items will be added & dispatched with your Tot’s Playtime Box.

£6.00 per month

Want an extra 25% off your 1st Box?

These boxes are fabulous. It has everything you need for each activity. Highly recommend. 😊


Tot's Playtime Box For Christmas

Festive Fun with Tot's Playtime Box

Limited Edition Bumper Christmas Box

The gift that keeps on giving! 

3/6 Month Gift Subscriptions Available

We have subscribed to the It’s Playtime Box for the past four months and my son absolutely LOVES it!!! He loves receiving it each month and seeing what is in the box. Each box is themed with different ideas, and each month I sit down with him and do the activities which has been great for his development. I also take the activity pack to restaurants with me, and we even took it on holiday to keep him busy. I’d definitely recommend the It’s Playtime Box x


Why Choose Tot's Playtime Box?

Still not sure if the box is right for you? Here’s 5 Reasons why 👇

Not Just For Fun

All of the activities are designed by Me (Karen Sidell) a play expert & experienced Early Years Practitioner  with a focus on 'learning through play', so you can keep your little one entertained and know that they are learning at the same time.

A Variety Of Activities

The box includes a variety of fun-filled activities, so there is something for every child's interests. Get creative with the themed craft, explore your senses with messy play & take on a challenge with a game. Plus, receive stickers and an activity booklet in your box for even more fun

Encourages Communication

'Talking Tips' are included throughout the activity booklet and for each of the activities in the box to encourage conversations, connection & to learn new words.

Supercharge Learning

Children learn through play but they also learn through talking so combining the two is going to supercharge your little one's learning.

Backed By A Speech & Language Therapist

Plus each month our fun game is created by the wonderful Lindsey - an experienced Speech & Language Therapist from Communicating Matters.

Lindsey Manoharan

Lindsey from Communicating Matters is an experienced Speech and Language Therapist helping families and children in a wide variety of settings, including schools, pre-schools, community clinics, Children’s Centres, specialist settings and also as a volunteer SLT in Sri Lanka for 2 years.

£10.85 per month

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Want more info?

Check out my Frequently Asked Questions below ↓

Q. What Ages Are The Activities Suitable For?

Activities are aimed at preschoolers 3+ years (although my oldest – 6 years & my toddler – 2 years enjoy them too)

Q. How Much Does The Box Cost?

£14.50 for a one off box or subscribe & save 25% for £10.85 per month (Free P&P) with the monthly subscription

Q. How Do I Pay?

Payment is by credit or debit card, processed by Stripe ( 

The Monthly Subscription is an ongoing service & renews automatically on the 1st of each month.

Q. How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

The minimum term for your subscription is 2 months (payments), after this you can cancel at anytime via your online account. To ensure you do not get charged for the next month please ensure you have cancelled your subscription before the end of the current month. There is also the option to suspend your subscription if you would like to pause it for  up to 2 months, after which it will automatically reinstate.

Q. When Will I Receive My Box?

Your 1st Tot’s Playtime Box will be dispatched as follows depending on your order date:

  • Orders received between 1st to 7th will be dispatched between 8th-10th
  • Orders received after will be dispatched within 48 hours.

Subsequent renewals will be dispatched between 8th-10th of each month via  Royal Mail with payment being taken on 1st of each month.

Q. I Haven’t Received My Box, What Do I Do?

If you haven’t received your box within 1o days of your order completed email,  please contact

or pop me a message & we can chat

£10.85 per month

Get an extra 25% off your 1st box when signing up to Tot's Playtime Box Monthly Subscription